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Tense Chart with Rules and Examples PDF File is available here for download. You can instantly download this Tense Chart PDF file with Rules and examples for free of cost.

We are here to help every student in Tense Chart. This is a very useful pdf file for every student. Tense charts, rules, and examples are very important parts of English grammar. Tenses are the base of English Grammar.

In the below table you will get complete pdf file details. let’s check

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Tense Chart with Rules and Examples PDF Overview

Dear visitors welcome to the PDF HIND Website. In this article, we are providing you the complete tense chart with rules and examples pdf file for free. Tenses are an important topic in English grammar.

It is considered the basis of learning grammar. You cannot learn English without learning Tense. That’s why we have provided here charts of all tenses with rules and examples. This PDF file is very important for all the students. With the help of this, you can revise your tenses quickly.

There are three types of tenses in English Grammar – Present, Past, and Future Tense. All these tenses then have four parts. Here you will get information about all these tenses and you can also download it in a PDF file.

All Tenses Chart with Rules PDF

In the Below table, you will get All Tenses rules

Tense NameSimple FormsContinuous formsPerfect formsPerfect Continuous forms
Present Tense1st form + s/esis, am, are + 1st form+ inghas/have + 3rd formhas, have+been+1st Form+ ing
Past Tense2nd formwas, were + 1st form+ inghad + 3rd formhad been + 1st form + ing
Future Tensewill, shall + 1st formwill, shall + be + 1st form + ingwill have + 3rd formwill have been + 1st form + ing

Tense Chart with Examples PDF

In the table given below, you will find examples of all the tenses.

Present Simple TenseRam reads a book every day.
Present Continuous TenseHe is playing badminton now.
Present Perfect TenseHe has been at home for a month
Present Perfect Continuous TenseHe has been playing guitar for two hours.
Simple Past TenseRam visited me yesterday.
Past Continuous TenseShe was sleeping when I came.
Past Perfect TenseHe had gone to Bali when I called him
Past Perfect Continuous TenseThey had been living in Jakarta for about ten years.
Simple Future TenseShe will eat fried rice.
Future Continuous TenseI will be watching a movie tonight
Future Perfect TenseI will have been in this hospital until tomorrow morning.
Future Perfect Continuous TenseShe will have been visiting us tomorrow.

Download the Tense Chart with Rules and Examples PDF from the given button. Your download will start instantly.

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