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old monk price in Kolkata with pdf download | Royal Stag price in Kolkata 2022 | Here we will provide you the official price of all pack sizes of Old Monk and Royal Stag. You can check out the latest price according to 2022 and download the pdf file for free. Old Monk and Royal Stag is a popular hard drink in Kolkata.

In this post, we will provide you with the Royal Stag price list in Kolkata and also the Old Monk liquor price list for Kolkata West Bengal. both liquors are very famous in Kolkata, India. Liquor is injurious for health.

You will know the actual official price list of Royal stag and old monk. These are the most consuming whiskies and rum in India.

royal stag price list in kolkata

Royal Stag Whisky Price in Kolkata 2022, West bengal

There are two type of Royal stag liquor. Royal Stag is whisky not rum so there are two type. Royal stag whisky and Royal stag barrel salect whisky. Here we provide you the price of Royal stag whisky according to its different pack sizes in kolkata.

so lets checkout it’s latest price in the below table. the below price is according to 2022 year.

Name of the WhiskyRegionPack SizePrice
Royal stag price 2022Kolkata, West bengal180 MLRs. 228
Royal stagKolkata, West bengal375 MLRs. 470
Royal Stag whiskyKolkata, West bengal500 MLRs. 630
Royal Stag whisky priceKolkata, West bengal750 MLRs. 940

Royal Stag Barrel Salect Price in Kolkata 2022

this is the another type of royal stag whisky. actually it is a varient of this whisky and has a high price tag. According to people of kolkata it is less consuming varient of this whisky. lets checkout the latest price of royal stag in year 2022.

Royal Stag Barrel Salect Pack SizePrice
180 MLRs. 260
375 MLRs. 545
500 MLRs. 690
700 MLRs. 1000

Old monk rum price in kolkata year 2022

Old monk is famous and most consuming rum in India. It is originated in year 1855. there are many varients in this rum like old monk supreme rum, old monk gold reserve rum, extra special and old monk white rum.

This rum is founded by Mohan meakin in Shimla, India. Here we provide the West bengal approved old monk price list according 2022.

Lets checkout the latest price of Old Monk Rum in Kolkata in the given table.

NameVolume in MLPrice in Kolkata 2022
Old Monk Gold reserve rum180 MLRs. 85
Old Monk Gold reserve rum375 MLRs. 170
Old Monk Gold reserve rum750 MLRs. 340
Old Monk Supreme Rum750 MLRs. 460
Old Monk White Rum180 MLRs. 120
Old Monk white rum375 mlRs. 220
Old Monk white rum750 mlRs. 440
Old Monk the legend rum180 mlRs. 165
Old Monk the legend rum750 mlRs. 620
Old Monk the legend rum1000 mlRs. 820

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