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XXZ Chain Correlation Functions PDF File is available for download here. You can Direct download the Open XXZ Chain II Correlation functions PDF File for free. Here we provide you the latest Correlation functions of the open xxz chain.

The open XXZ chain is the simplest model of magnetic. This is an integrable generalization of the Heisenberg chain that accounts for a uniaxial anisotropy in the spin interaction.

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PDF NAMEXXZ Chain Correlation Functions PDF
SUBJECTHigh Energy Physics

Overview of XXZ Chain Correlation Functions PDF File

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The Hamiltonian of the Heisenberg XXZ spin-1/2 finite chain [1] with diagonal boundary conditions (namely with longitudinal boundary magnetic fields) is defined.

We have recently developed a method to compute the so-called elementary blocks of correlation functions for this model, which we refer to as Paper I in the framework of the (algebraic) Bethe ansatz for boundary integrable systems. The results essentially agree with previous expressions derived from the vertex operator approach. The purpose of the present paper is to obtain the physical spin correlation functions for this model, in particular, the one-point functions for the local spin operators at a distance m from the boundary as well as several two-point functions (like boundary-bulk correlation functions)

What is XXZ Chain Correlation Function?

In essence, the XXZ chain is one of the most simple models of magnets. The free parameter describes anisotropy (the breaking of the symmetry of rotation within spin).

This Bethe Ansatz solution is a “straightforward” version of the solution used previously in this chapter however, it is more complicated and the character of low energy excitations changes in accordance with anisotropy.

You can download the XXZ Chain Correlation Functions PDF file by clicking on the given download button. Direct download available.

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