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Ms Excel shortcut keys pdf: Microsoft Excel is the most famous spreadsheet program for doing data analysis and visualization. It is used to create a grid of text, data, and formulas for many businesses. Ms Excel Shortcut keys are the way of doing work easily and fastly.

Shortcuts give us ease of work. But taking shortcuts in our work leads us to loss. On the other hand, if we get shortcuts while working on the computer, then we complete the same task quickly and very easily. In today’s article, we have brought the list of keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft Excel in PDF for you to make it easier for you to work in MS Excel.

Here We Provide All Shortcut Keys of Microsoft Excell in a PDF file. You can download and share it with Your friends.

Ms Excel shortcut keys pdf

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Ms Excel Shortcut Keys List Download

  1. Ctrl+W: For Closing a workbook
  2. Ctrl+O: For Opening a Workbook
  3. Ctrl+Z: Undo the recent work
  4. Ctrl+S: Save the work
  5. Ctrl+C: Copy
  6. Ctrl+V: Paste
  7. Alt+H: For Choosing a fill color
  8. Ctrl+X: Cut
  9. Ctrl+B: Bold
  10. Alt+N: Insert a tab
  11. Alt+A: Go to Data Tab
  12. Alt+P: For going to Page layout tab
  13. Alt+W: View tab
  14. Alt+H+B: To Add Borders
  15. Alt+H+A+C: To Center Align All Content
  16. Sift+F10: To Open Context Menu
  17. Alt+H+D+C: Delete Coloum
  18. Alt+M: Formula Tab
  19. Ctrl+9: Hide the selected Row
  20. Ctrl+0: Selected Column
  21. Alt+Q: Tell me and Search Feild
  22. Alt+F: To File page and use Backstage view
  23. Alt+H: To Home tab and Format Text
  24. Alt+N: To Open the Insert Tab
  25. Alt+P: To Open the Page Layout tab
  26. Alt+M: To Open formula tab and costumize
  27. Alt+A: Data tab and connect to sort, filter with data
  28. Ctrl+1: To format cells
  29. Ctrl+Shift+F: Format fonts in format cells
  30. F2: Edit the Active Cell
  31. Shift+F2: Insert a note
  32. Ctrl+Shift+F2: Insert a threaded comment
  33. Ctrl+Shift+(+): Insert dialog box
  34. Ctrl+(-): Delete Dialoge box
  35. Ctrl+Shift+(:)Colon: Enter the current time
  36. Ctrl+(;): To Enter the current date
  37. Ctrl+(‘): Copy a formula from the cell
  38. Ctrl+X: Move the selected cells
  39. Ctrl+C: Copy the selected cells
  40. Ctrl+V: Paste content at insertion Point
  41. Ctrl+Alt+V: Paste special dialog box
  42. Ctrl+I: To Italic the text
  43. Ctrl+B: To Bold text
  44. Ctrl+U: To Underline text or remove
  45. Ctrl+5: To Strikethrough
  46. Ctrl+6: Switching between hiding objects
  47. Ctrl+Shift+Underscore: Remove the Outline Border
  48. Ctrl+8: Display or hide the outline symbols
  49. Ctrl+D: Use the filldown the command
  50. Ctrl+Shift+Percent sign: To Apply Percentage
  51. Ctrl+Shift+^: To Apply Scientific Number format
  52. Ctrl+Shift+@: Time format with hour and minuts
  53. Ctrl+K: To Insert Hyperlink dialog box
  54. F7: To Check Spelling in the active worksheet
  55. Ctrl+L: To Open Create Table box
  56. Ctrl+Shift+G: To Open workbook box
  57. Ctrl+A: To select etire sheet
  58. Ctrl+Shift+Pagedown: Select the current and next sheet
  59. Ctrl+Shift+PageUp: Select the current and previous sheet
  60. Shift+Arrow Key: Extend the salection of cells by one cell
  61. F8: To turn extend mode on
  62. Shift+F8: To add a non-adjacent cell
  63. Alt+Enter: Start a new line
  64. Ctrl+Enter: Fill the selected cells range
  65. Shift+Enter: Complete a cell entry
  66. Ctrl+Spacebar: Select an entire column
  67. Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar: Select all objects in a worksheet
  68. Ctrl+Y: Repeat the last command or action
  69. Ctrl+Z: Undo the last action
  70. Ctrl+Shift+U: Expand or collapse the formula bar
  71. Esc: To Cancer
  72. Ctrl+End: Move the cursor to the end
  73. Ctrl+Shift+End: To Select the all text in the formula bar
  74. F9: Calculate All worksheet in all open Workbooks
  75. Shift+F9: Calculate the active worksheet
  76. Alt+Shift+F10: Display the menu for an error checking button
  77. Shift+End: Select all cells from the current menu
  78. Ctrl+Pageup: Move to the previous table
  79. Ctrl+Pagedown: Move to the next table
  80. Ctrl+Home: Move to the first cells

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