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Class 11 English Chapter 1 Question Answer PDF file is available here for download. You can directly download and read class 11 English Chapter 1 question answers from the given free download button.

The name of the first chapter in English for class 11 is “The Portrait of a Lady”. This is the story of an American woman Isabel Archer, who “affronting her destiny,” finds it overwhelming. Students of class 11 will get to know how the author drew a portrait of his grandmother.

All short, long, and optional questions and answers are present in this pdf file with solutions. If you are a student of class 11 then this chapter is most important for your yearly exam.

PDF NAMEClass 11 English Chapter 1 Question Answer PDF
SIZE173 kb
CHAPTER NAMEThe Portrait of a Lady
AUTHORHenny James

Summary of Class 11th Chapter 1 Question and Answer

Hello friends, today in this article we have brought for you the PDF file of the question and answer of the first chapter of class 11th. In this PDF file, you will get the answers to all the questions, by seeing which you can prepare for your annual examination.

Students should prepare for their half-yearly or yearly examination through this pdf file. Chapter 1 is very important from the point of view of examination. In this pdf file, you will get the answers to all the big and small questions. By reading this you can easily prepare for the exam.

Class 11th English Chapter 1 Question Answer list PDF

1. The three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad.
Answer: The three phases of the relationship of the author with his grandmother before
leaving the country to study abroad is –
(i) Childhood – His grandmother helped him while getting ready and went to the
village school along with him.
(ii) Boyhood – He shared a room with his grandmother when he studied at the city
school. She was not able to help him in his studies.
(iii) Early youth – The link of friendship was snapped when he was provided a
a separate room at the university.

2. Three reasons why the author‟s grandmother was disturbed when he started going to the city school.
The three reasons why the grandmother of the author was disturbed when he went to the city school are –

  1. She did not like Western learning and Science.
  2. She was hurt when she came to know that there were no scriptures and
    teachings of God there.
  3. She did not like music and thought that it was not for gentlefolk and decent
    people. It was the monopoly of beggars and prostitutes.

3. Three ways in which the author‟s grandmother spent her days after he grew up.

Three ways how the grandmother of the author spent her days after he grew up are –

  1. She accepted the loneliness and lived unaccompanied in the room.
  2. She would recite prayers while sitting at the spinning wheel.
  3. For half an hour she fed the sparrows in the afternoon.

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