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Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system around the world known as indian traditional medicine method. Ayurveda is becoming very popular now a days because of its divine way of healing. Ayurvedic medicines are considered safest among the all view no side effects.

Information Table (What you will get in this list) :-

Name of ListAyurvedic Medicine list with Disease and Uses
TypePDF File
SourceAyurveda Literatures
Language English
Content TypeTabulated information (Easy to understand)
AuthenticityPrepared by Indian Govt Ayurveda Organization
Ayurveda Medicine list with uses according to diseases

ayurvedic medicine list with disease as on may 2022 :-

In modern era ayurveda medicines are easily available due to availability of patanjali store everywhere and e-commerce market places. To get benefits of ayurvedic medicines all you need is list of Medicine with disease. If you have this list in pdf you will easily recognize which medicine is to be consumed in a particular disease. Here we are providing you a complete list of all ayurvedic medicine with their uses and disease. This list can be downloaded in pdf and kept as easy reference for future.

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Where can i download complete ayurvedic medicine list with disease in pdf

ayurvedic medicines are on high demand today. Uses of ayurvedic medicines along with disease is known to ayurvedic doctors and pharmacists only. Common man find himself unable to understand which ayurvedic medicine is to be taken in which disease.

To simplify this we have prepared a complete list of all ayurvedic classical medicines along with their uses in diseases. You can download this list in pdf. This list provides you the name of medicine, reference, amount of medicine to be taken, doses, pathya apathya and side effects if any.

Download Hanuman chalisa in Pdf

so we advise you to download this list of all classical ayurvedic products and medicines. Upon downloading read this list as per disease. To download this list instantly click on the link given below.

ayurvedic medicine names and uses pdf in hindi

There are thousands of medicines in ayurveda in different types. So it is very difficult for a common man to know properties of these medicine reading ayurveda books and references. We have prepared a list of ayurvedic medicine names and uses pdf in hindi and english. This list is prepared from the most authentic ayurveda literatures.

With help of this list you will be able to understand the name of ayurvedic medicine, its uses according to various disease and how to consume it.

ayurvedic classical medicines list (Pdf file download)

Ayurveda has a wide range of herbal products, patent medicines, herbs and Classical medicines. Among all the ayurvedic medicines classical medicines are considered most effective and valuable. Classical medicines are the medicines which reference is taken from ayurveda literatures. These medicine are prepared using the written principals and methods in ayurveda.

आज कामदा एकादशी व्रत कथा पढ़ें एवं पीडीऍफ़ में डाउनलोड करें | Kamda Ekadashi Vrat Katha PDF

Hence classical medicines are more authentic and useful view their root text. To know the uses of Classical medicines of ayurveda you can download this pdf file. This file is prepared in very simple form and easy to understand.

Download Complete Ayurvedic Medicine list with disease and Uses Now

So here is the link for you to download the List of all above mentioned ayurvedic medicines. To download simply click on the link or save the link.

Download from here

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